1. Introduction
FTSE Monthly Markets Brief
Provides institutional investors with timely and concise analysis of global equity and bond markets' performance, industry, sector and style rotation, valuations, earnings and foreign exchange returns. Further in-depth analysis of important or pervasive themes highlighted in the most recent monthly Brief or evident over a number of months is provided in a series of companion 'Focusing On...' reports.
Contents include commentary on and analysis of:

  • Global overview
    • A review of recent market events and news
    • Asset class total returns
    • Key market dynamics ('Risk On' versus 'Risk Off' rotation) etc.
  • Equities
    • Equity market total returns (local, USD, JPY, GBP, EUR)
    • Perspectives on regional and country performance identifying the top/bottom performers
    • Regional ICB Industry Group rotation
    • Perspectives on sector performance – identifying the top/bottom performers
    • Regional style rotation (Large versus Small Cap, Growth versus Value) etc.
    • Alternative equity benchmarks

  • Bonds
    • Bond market total returns
    • Bond versus equity total returns
  • Earnings
    • Examining the earnings cycle, including earnings revisions
      and earnings growth
  • Foreign Exchange
    • FX returns
FTSE Analytics
FTSE Monthly Markets Brief and 'Focusing On...' Reports provide asset owners and institutional investors with insight into global markets' dynamics and the performance of FTSE's extensive range of equity, bond and other asset class index products.

The Brief covers a wide range of topics, while the 'Focusing On...' Reports drill down into specific themes, such as volatility or sector-weighted performance.

The reports are provided at FTSE's discretion to clients and others in the investment industry on a complimentary basis.

To register your interest in being added to the distribution list, please email info@ftse.com. FTSE Terms and Conditions apply.