FTSE4Good Japan

FTSE4Good Japan is the fifth index in the successful FTSE4Good Series. The index, launched on 21st September 2004, enables investors to identify Japanese companies within the FTSE Global Equity Index Series which meet a set of internationally supported standards of corporate social responsibility. These companies are working towards environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders and upholding and supporting universal human rights.

As Japanese companies respond to these challenges, many are finding that good corporate responsibility performance mitigates risks and brings opportunities that can have a positive impact on a range of key measures of business success: shareholder value, revenue, operational efficiency, customer attraction and retention, competitiveness, brand value and innovation.

FTSE4Good Inclusion Criteria

The FTSE4Good selection criteria has been designed to reflect a broad consensus on what constitutes good corporate responsibility practice globally. Using a widespread market consultation process, the criteria are regularly revised to ensure that they continue to reflect standards of responsible business practice, and developments in socially responsible investment as they evolve. The FTSE4Good inclusion criteria are designed to be challenging but achievable in order to encourage companies to try to meet them.