FTSE ASFA Australia Index Series

FTSE partnered with ASFA in 2009, the peak industry body that represents all aspects of the Australian superannuation industry, to provide Australian superannuation funds, fund managers and other stakeholders with industry standard after-tax benchmarks developed specifically to assist the industry’s transition to after-tax performance measurement and reporting.

An increasing number of Australian superannuation funds are now measuring their fund managers on an after-tax basis using the FTSE ASFA Australia Index Series.

A clearer picture for all investors

In addition to superannuation funds, the FTSE ASFA Australia Index Series uses varying tax rates to provide tax-adjusted “franking credits” indices for all types of investors:

  • Tax exempt investors
  • Superannuation funds
  • Investors in the mid-tax bracket
  • Investors in the high-tax bracket

These indices take into account franking credits attached to dividend distribution, franking credits attached to off-market buy-backs and the capital gains tax from participating in off-market buy-backs.

After-tax benchmarks with capital gains tax for superannuation funds

Australian Superannuation funds have an additional range of after-tax benchmarks which calculate both realised and unrealised capital gains tax. Whether it’s optimising value from franking credits, participating in off-market buy-backs, managing capital gains tax more efficiently or all three, superannuation funds have a range of benchmarking solutions to make tax efficient investing a focus in every portfolio.

The FTSE ASFA Australia Index Series is designed primarily for benchmarking purposes and can also be used as the basis for the creation of index-linked products such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), structured products and other derivatives.

The series includes both non tax-adjusted indices and tax-adjusted indices for each of the following:

  • FTSE ASFA Australia Large Cap 50 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia 100 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia Mid Cap 150 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia 200 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia 300 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia Small Cap Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia All-Share Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia All-Share ex-100 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia Sector Indices (based on the Industry Classification Benchmark ICB)

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