FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index Series

Mitigating and adapting to climate change is one of the biggest challenges for the 21st century and will be a major structural driver of economic change. The FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index Series aims to support investors in incorporating climate change risks into their investment strategy.

It features future-oriented criteria to assess the exposure of individual companies to higher future costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Some companies will be better placed to exploit the transition to a low carbon economy; other companies will see their value diminished if they fail to adapt. These indices are carbon-risk-tilted versions of FTSE’s established benchmark indices. The constituent companies remain the same but the weights of the companies are varied on the basis of their exposure to carbon risk relative to their sector peers. The overall weights of each sector are the same as for their benchmark indices, but some companies in each sector are over-weighted, while others are under-weighted.


  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy UK 350
  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy UK All Share
  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Australia 200
  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Australia 300
  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Europe
  • FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Japan

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

CDP holds the largest database of corporate climate change information in the world. It represents some 655 institutional investors, with combined assets under management in excess of US$78 trillion. CDP supplies the core data for the indices.

ENDS Carbon

ENDS Carbon is a carbon benchmarking and performance ratings specialist. It is a part of the ENDS Report, the leading technical environmental regulation publication. ENDS Carbon is responsible for company analysis and scoring for the indices.

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