FTSE Custom

FTSE Custom is focused on providing bespoke index solutions for clients. From pension funds to derivatives desks, we understand that clients are looking for more tailored measures of performance, and require increasingly complex and sophisticated index solutions for the basis of fund measurement, derivatives and structured products.

The Custom team at FTSE can work with you to design and create an index to suit your specific investment strategy or mandate. Your index can be based on one of our existing indices, or on a tailored universe specific to your market requirements. We can also customise products and information for asset owners and fund managers to aid your individual performance reporting requirements.

The benefits include:

  • A consultative approach - FTSE's Custom team will collaborate with you to understand your exact requirements. From initial consultation through to design, delivery and ongoing local maintenance and support, FTSE offers a comprehensive end to end service
  • A dedicated team - benefit from a specialist Custom team and a dedicated FTSE Custom account manager, giving you a constant point of contact and peace of mind that your enquiry will be efficiently managed to deliver the right solution at the right time
  • Flexibility – FTSE gives you the freedom to create your ideal index through the use of an extensive and constantly evolving database of over 65,000 stocks from 91 countries, along with a wide range of screening criteria and flexible delivery options. Sample customised indices include “ex countries”, “ex sectors”, currency hedging, specific tax returns and specific stock inclusion / exclusions

Whatever the requirement, FTSE will work with you to design the exact benchmark solution to meet your mandate. For more information please contact us

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