FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Index Series

Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) strategies are gaining strength and market share globally as the risks and opportunities related to the impact companies have on the environment and society become increasingly apparent. Therefore, assessing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance of a business are of vital importance to investors. How well a company addresses its ESG issues – from treatment of staff, suppliers or shareholders to the environmental impact or governance standards – can be indicators of quality and management and how well placed it is to deliver long-term shareholder value.

The FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Index Series is designed to create a family of benchmark and tradable indices for the Italian market that tracks the performance of companies following leading ESG practices. The index inclusion criteria measure the quality of a company’s environmental and social performance and corporate governance structure through a series of measures in these areas:

  • Environmental Strategy and Policy
  • Environmental Management
  • Products
  • Production Process
  • Community Relations
  • Employees and Human Capital
  • Markets
  • Corporate Governance & Shareholders

FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Benchmark Index

The index is a broad benchmark composed of ordinary stocks issued by Italian companies that demonstrate good ESG practice. The index is weighted according to free-float adjusted market-cap and is also capped to reduce the concentration of large constituents.

FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Leaders Index

FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Leaders Index is composed of a small basket of Italian ESG Leaders from the FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Benchmark. The index will be equal weighted to ensure equal exposure to all Italian ESG Leaders.

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Further Information

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