FTSE Global Equity Index Series

The FTSE Global Equity Index Series covers over 7,400 securities in 47 different countries and captures 98% of the world's investable market capitalisation - covering every equity and sector relevant to international investors’ needs.

The index series is divided into Developed, Advanced Emerging and Secondary Emerging segments, giving investors the opportunity to develop their own investable universe. The modular nature of the series provides the maximum breadth of options for structuring portfolios, with indices calculated at regional, national and sector level. Investors can then select on a size level from the all-encompassing FTSE Global All Cap Indices (Large/Mid/Small Cap), FTSE All-World (Large/ Mid Cap) or single size index (Large Cap, Mid Cap or Small Cap).

FTSE GEIS Ground Rule Change - March 2013

In response to feedback from market practitioners, and after ratification by the FTSE Policy Group at their meeting on 24 September 2013, FTSE confirms the following changes to the FTSE Global Equity Index Series Ground Rules:

The FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) will move to a semi-annual review process (March and September) commencing from 2014. This will allow FTSE to achieve a better balance between targeting accuracy of index representation and on-going turnover. As previously announced, the next annual review encompassing all regions will be in March 2014, this will then be followed by a semi-annual review encompassing all regions in September 2014 and henceforth each March and September.

FTSE is also pleased to announce that it will extend the implementation notice period for FTSE GEIS to give clients an extra 5 business days notice to prepare for the trades involved following each review.

Further details are available in the FAQ document which includes an updated review schedule for 2014.