FTSE Hedge

FTSE Hedge opens the door to the previously complex world of hedge fund investing. It's an investable index that combines complete transparency and accessibility with the proven quality and discipline of FTSE Group's index products and services.

FTSE Hedge provides:

  • Confidence - an index series that reflects the aggregate risk and return characteristics of the open, investable hedge fund universe.
  • Clarity - an ideal tool to form the basis of liquid, alternative investment products. Its design provides investors with low cost, transparent access to investable hedge funds.
  • Investability - allows investors to gain exposure to the investable opportunity for hedge funds. Investors in FTSE Hedge will see a pedigree derived from FTSE's vast index experience with a methodology and thoroughness of approach.

FTSE Hedge Momentum Index

A new addition to the series, the FTSE Hedge Momentum Index is an investment strategy index designed to outperform the underlying FTSE Hedge Index. This is achieved by over or underweighting constituent funds according to whether or not they demonstrate persistent positive returns (momentum). Over a six year period the FTSE Hedge Momentum Index has returned a 10.1% annualised performance, representing a 3.9% outperformance over and above the FTSE Hedge Index.