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Strong governance underpins the focus of FTSE indices, and ensures that FTSE indices continue to meet investors’ requirements and lead global standards in indexing. FTSE has a long history of using independent practitioner committees to assist it in defining governance standards, with the first committee being set up in 1984 to oversee the management of the FTSE 100 Index.

Why do we have committees?

FTSE’s independent committees ensure that all FTSE indices reflect their underlying market and that the ground rules evolve to meet the highest standards of the industry. The committees’ objectives are to:

  • To ensure that the indices are managed and calculated according to the Index Rules (a strict set of rules by which all FTSE indices are governed), so that they remain impartial, transparent and accurate
  • To evolve the Index Rules to ensure that they continue to meet market needs
  • To advise on the design and creation of new indices

Who are the committee members, and what do they represent?

FTSE committees are made up of leading investment market professionals from around the world who serve in a personal capacity. Members of the FTSE committees are chosen for their ability to provide strategic input to the development of FTSE indices. They are drawn from the ranks of asset owners, asset managers, consultants and representatives from brokers and corporate advisers. Policy Group members are typically of Chief Investment Officer level or the equivalent.

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Although members may be drawn from representative FTSE clients, they are invited on the basis of their personal knowledge, strategic viewpoint and integrity.

How can index users get involved?

Users’ points of view can be expressed directly to FTSE and where appropriate will be referred on to the relevant committees. For items of importance users may be invited to put their point of view directly to the committee.

Committees can be contacted by emailing

Index users may also suggest senior colleagues for a position on one of FTSE's committees for consideration when there is a vacancy.

Market Consultations

With the guidance and direction of FTSE’s independent practitioner committees, FTSE regularly consults the market on changes to the Ground Rules of its indices to ensure that the indices continue to meet investors’ requirements and define and lead global standards in indexing. Any changes to the Ground Rules of an index series are approved by the FTSE Governance Board.

FTSE Ground Rule Changes March 2014

In response to feedback from market practitioners, and after ratification by the FTSE Policy Group at their meeting on 24 September 2013, FTSE confirms the following changes to the FTSE Global Equity Index Series and FTSE UK Index Series Ground Rules:

The FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) will move to a semi-annual review process (March and September) commencing from 2014. This will allow FTSE to achieve a better balance between targeting accuracy of index representation and on-going turnover. As previously announced, the next annual review encompassing all regions will be in March 2014, this will then be followed by a semi-annual review encompassing all regions in September 2014 and henceforth each March and September.

FTSE is also pleased to announce that it will extend the implementation notice period for FTSE GEIS and the FTSE UK Index Series to give clients an extra 5 business days notice to prepare for the trades involved following each review. To accommodate the extended implementation notice period for the FTSE UK Index Series the data cut-off date for determining index inclusions and exclusions will be moved forward by one week. Further details are available from the following FAQ documents which include updated review schedules for 2014:

FAQ FTSE GEIS Indices Rule Change March 2014
FAQ FTSE UK Indices Rule Change March 2014

Recent Review Results

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12.09.02 FTSE Global Islamic Review
12.09.02 FTSE All-World Quarterly Changes
13.09.02 FTSE/JSE Africa Quarterly Review
17.09.02 FTSE4Good Semi-Annual Review - Part 1
17.09.02 FTSE4Good Semi-Annual Review - Part 2
17.09.02 FTSE4Good Semi-Annual Review - Part 4
17.09.02 FTSE4Good Semi-Annual Review - Part 3
29.11.02 FTSE Index Review Timetable - Reminder
03.12.02 FTSE Goldmines Quarterly Review
11.12.02 FTSE UK Index Series Annual Review
11.12.02 FTSE/Hang Seng Asiatop Index Extraordinary Review
11.12.02 FTSE/JSE Africa Series 2002 Annual Review (South Africa)
11.12.02 FTSE/Hang Seng Asiatop Index Extraordinary Review
12.12.02 FTSE All-World Index Quarterly Changes
12.12.02 FTSE4Good Index Series Quarterly Changes
12.12.02 Multinationals Technical Notice Review: Update

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