FTSE Italia Index Series

The FTSE Italia Index Series, including the FTSE MIB and other indices, provides the Italian market with a range of index tools capturing 95% of the domestic market capitalisation.

The FTSE Italia index Series provides investors access to a range of market and industry segments, from large to small cap companies, and can be used for the basis of financial products, including ETFs and derivatives. The index series uses FTSE’s world class indexing standards including free-float weighting and liquidity screening, to ensure that it is both investable and tradable, and applies the ICB global standard for sector classification.

The FTSE Italia Mid Cap index consists of the 60 largest Italian companies by market capitalisation listed on Borsa Italiana, outside of those included in the FTSE MIB. The index is part of the FTSE Italia Index Series, providing investors with a comprehensive and complementary set of indices with which to measure the performance of the major capital and industry segments of the Italian market.

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