FTSE Med Index

The FTSE Med Index is a tradable index, designed to represent the performance of the largest companies in the eastern Mediterranean region's markets. It comprises the largest and most liquid companies in the region that are quoted on the Stock Exchanges of Cyprus, Greece and Israel. It has been designed so that additional markets may be added over time. The index is suitable for derivative trading, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The base currency for the FTSE Med Index is Euros. The index is calculated and published in Euros, and on an end-of-day basis in Euros, Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Israeli Shekels and Cyprus Pounds.

FTSE Med Index Exchange Partners

The Athens Exchange was established in 1876. The holding company Hellenic Exchanges S.A. (HELEX) was established and listed on ASE's Main Market on 21st August 2000. ASE and ADEX (Athens Derivatives Exchange) merged forming ATHEX in the year 2002. HELEX Group has signed MOU's with a number of Exchanges. In particular with Montenegro, New York, Cyprus, FYROM and Belgrade. These developments and in particular the mutual transfer of know-how ensure they will remain competitive achieving an ongoing improvement in today's fast moving and technology-driven international marketplace.

The ATHEX is an active member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE) the International Options Markets Association (IOMA) and ECOFEX.

The Cyprus Stock Exchange is the official trading platform in Cyprus. They stand firmly behind their objectives to protect investors, promote investment in listed securities provide liquidity and depth in Cypriot capital markets and to create a flexible, competitive and advanced stock exchange with robust accountability and transparent transaction implementation.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has become the focus of interest in the Israeli Stock Market and has attracted some of the world's most distinguished investment houses. The exchanges firm grasp of the needs of the market ensures that their technological capabilities and trading and clearing procedures are on a par with the world's most advanced stock exchanges.

The TASE is an active member of both the International Federation of Stock Exchanges (FIBV) and the International Options Markets Association (IOMA). TASE has been recognized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a designated offshore securities market.