FTSE Multinationals Index Series

The FTSE Multinationals Index Series is a family of indices that separates and measures the performance of Multinational and Local companies. The index series was developed by FTSE in conjunction with Hewitt Bacon & Woodrow and Barclays Global Investors following an extensive research and consultation process to define a ’multinational’ company.

From this approach three key indices are formed. The FTSE Multinationals Index comprises companies which derive more than 30% of their revenue outside their region. The FTSE Global 100 Index is formed of the top 100 from the FTSE Multinationals Index. The remaining stocks (companies which receive 70% or more of their revenue from their domestic region) are classified as ‘local’ companies and form truly local indices. It is the only index series on the market that allows investors to make a clear distinction between companies exposed to local and those exposed to global economic factors.

FTSE Global Equity Index Series

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