FTSE Russia IOB Index

FTSE Group in conjunction with the London Stock Exchange has developed and launched the FTSE Russia IOB Index, a market-cap weighted index designed to measure the performance of the 15 biggest and most liquid Russian companies trading on the London Stock Exchange's International Order Book (IOB) under the form of Russian Depositary Receipts (DRs).

The index enables investors to gain exposure to one of the largest and most influential commodity markets in the world, while trading on the International Order Book offers an easy and cost efficient way of investing.

The International Order Book (IOB) captures the pricing of these Russian investment vehicles that are either listed or trading over-the-counter (OTC). Depositary Receipts are negotiable certificates representing ownership of a given number of a company's shares, which can be listed and traded independently from underlying securities.

Click here to watch a video of Tony Raw, Managing Director of FTSE discuss the FTSE Russia IOB at the London Stock Exchange's "Russia in Global Markets" event.

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