FTSE SET Index Series

FTSE Group and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) have jointly created the FTSE SET Index Series which represents the investable Thai market. This comprehensive suite of indices adopts FTSE’s global index standards providing investors a familiar tool for performance measurement, product creation and analysis.

All companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand Main Board are eligible for inclusion, subject to passing FTSE’s international methodology standards – liquidity, investability and free float adjustment. Free float, which was introduced to this market for the first time, reflects the stocks actually available in the market for public investment.

The FTSE SET Index Series covers all segments of the capital market, divided into Large, Mid, Small and Fledgling according to market capitalisation, allowing greater flexibility to measure and invest in these distinct segments. The headline FTSE SET Large Cap Index represents the performance of the top 30 Thai companies by market capitalisation, providing investors with a market benchmark that adopts international methodology standards. There is also a Shariah-compliant index available.

FTSE SET constituents are classified according to the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), the global standard for sector classification which supports sector-based investment strategies and cross-border analysis. FTSE SET All-Share Industry Indices are now available and segmented according to ICB including 10 Industry, 19 Supersector and 39 Sector indices. These provide investors with a set of tools for deeper analysis of the Thailand market and the opportunity to create sector-specific funds and index-linked products.

The indices can be used as the basis for trading and benchmarking of financial products, such as institutional and retail funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), derivatives contracts and other financial products.

The family includes:

  • FTSE SET Large Cap Index
  • FTSE SET Mid Cap Index
  • FTSE SET Small Cap Index
  • FTSE SET All-Share Index
  • FTSE SET All-Share Industry Indices
  • FTSE SET Mid Small Cap Index
  • FTSE SET Fledgling Index
  • FTSE SET Shariah Index