FTSE ST Index Series

FTSE has partnered with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to jointly calculate the Singapore stock market's main benchmark, the Straits Times (ST) Index, also known as the STI, and to create a comprehensive series of stock indices for the Singapore market.

The suite of 78 indices covers various sized companies, sectors and themes so investors can dissect the market for analysis or benchmarking purposes and gain access to the Singapore market through the creation of financial products such as institutional and retail funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), derivatives contracts and other index-linked products.

Since the relaunch of the STI and creation of the FTSE ST Index Series in January 2008, the partnership has continually enhanced the series with new indices to capture investment opportunities reflective of Singapore’s unique market traits. These include the FTSE ST China Top tradable index, FTSE ST Catalist Index and FTSE ST Maritime Index as well as 19 Supersector and 39 Sector indices to provide investors with a set of tools for deeper analysis of the Singapore market.

The STI Dividend Index has also been added to the series as a tool to isolate dividends from cash returns of the STI and helps investors take a view on the expected dividends of its constituents.

STI values are now delivered on an intra-second streaming basis which gives investors a better reflection of market activity and increased transparency on trades against the index to respond immediately to market events.

The family includes:

  • FTSE ST All Share Index
  • Straits Times Index (STI)
  • STI Dividend Index
  • FTSE ST Mid Cap Index
  • FTSE ST Small Cap Index
  • FTSE ST Fledgling Index
  • FTSE ST China Top Index
  • FTSE ST China Index
  • FTSE ST All-Share Industry Indices
  • FTSE ST Catalist Index
  • FTSE ST Maritime Index