FTSE TWSE Taiwan Index Series

The FTSE TWSE Taiwan Index Series is a joint venture between the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and FTSE Group (FTSE). The partnership brings together both local market knowledge and international indexing capabilities providing investors with the tools to gain exposure to the Taiwanese market.

The series comprises a range of real-time tradable indices, which are designed for trading of derivatives, index-tracking funds, exchange traded funds and performance benchmarks.

The family includes:

  • FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index
  • FTSE TWSE Taiwan Mid-Cap 100 Index
  • FTSE TWSE Taiwan Technology Index
  • FTSE TWSE Taiwan Dividend+ Index
  • FTSE TWSE Taiwan Eight Industries Index
  • FTSE TWSE RAFI Taiwan Index Series
  • FTSE TWSE Taiwan Shariah Index