Changes to the FTSE Multinationals Index Series Ground Rules

20 July 2005

The Equity Indices Committee announces the following changes to the FTSE Multinational Index Series. The changes have been incorporated in the Ground Rules and will be applicable from when the index is next reviewed in September 2005.

The regions used to categorise a company as having a Multinational or Local status have been simplified by removing the 'Rest of the World' region. As a result, Middle East and Africa has been added to Europe, creating "Europe/Middle East/Africa" region, and Latin America to North America, creating "Americas" region. The new regions are shown below. The change is reflected in Ground Rule 4.2.

Europe/Middle East/Africa


Asia Pacific

In addition to reviewing the latest available published annual report, any separately published corporate event activity will also be taken into account for the purpose of eligibility in the Multinational or Local category at the annual review. The change is reflected in Ground Rule 5.3.

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