Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (Australia) : Issue of Shares
Changes In FTSE Indices

23 December 2008

Following the completion of the Share Purchase Plan and subject to the completion of an Institutional Placement with the additional receipt of updated shares in issue information by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (Australia constituent), FTSE announces the following changes:

FTSE All-World Index Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (Australia, 6091280) will remain in the index with an increased shares in issue total of 289,943,799 and an unchanged investability weighting of 100%. 31 December 2008
FTSE World Index Ex-Multinationals Bendigo and Adelaide Bank will remain in the index as detailed above. 31 December 2008
FTSE Global Style Index Bendigo and Adelaide Bank will remain in the index as detailed above. 31 December 2008

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