Reclassification of P Chips from Hong Kong to China in March 2013

18 June 2012

In June 2012, the FTSE Policy Group approved the reclassification of P Chips from Hong Kong (Developed) to China (Secondary Emerging). This change will become effective as of the date of the March 2013 Asia-Pacific Review across the FTSE Global Equities Index Series and any indices derived from this series.

For the purpose of this reclassification FTSE defines all P Chips as companies controlled by mainland individuals, with the establishment and origin of the company in mainland China. They must be incorporated outside of the People’s Republic of China and traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. At least 50 per cent of their sales, revenue or assets must be derived from mainland China.

FTSE will issue a follow up notice in September 2012 which will provide a list of indicative stocks affected and related turnover analysis.

A further notice will then be released in December 2012 to announce the final confirmed list.

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