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London Stock Exchange Group plc and its applicable group undertakings (the “LSE Group”) includes FTSE International Limited (“FTSE”), Frank Russell Company (“Russell”), FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets Inc. and FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets Limited (together, “FTSE TMX Debt Capital Markets” and MTSNext Limited (“MTSNext”). All rights reserved.

“FTSE Russell®” is a trading name of FTSE and Russell. “FTSE TMX” is a trading name of the FTSE’s fixed income index business. “FTSE®”, “Russell®”, “FTSE Russell®” “MTS®”, “TMX” and “ICB®” and all other trademarks and service marks used herein (whether registered or unregistered) are trade marks and/or service marks owned or licensed by the applicable member of the LSE Group or their respective licensors  and are owned, or used under licence, by FTSE, Russell, MTSNext, or FTSE TMX Debt Capital Markets.  

LSE Group, or our licensors, own all the proprietary rights and interests in the Index Announcement (“Product”) and also in all the information/data provided as part of the Product (the “Data”).  The Product and Data are together known as the (“Services”).

Upon acceptance by you of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and in consideration thereof, FTSE will provide the Services to you until terminated by you or LSE Group as set out below (“Term”) as follows:

1.       We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to receive and use the Services internally via the Index Announcement section of the LSE Group website at on the terms of this agreement for the Term. 

2.       You acknowledge that the Services constitute assets of great value to us and you agree that the know-how, copyright, database rights, trade mark rights, all other intellectual property rights and any other rights of whatever nature in and to the Products and Data shall remain the property of and is vested in us (or our licensors). Any modifications or enhancements made to the products during the Term will belong exclusively to LSE Group.

3. You acknowledge that all information is provided for information purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure that all information is accurate, but no responsibility or liability can be accepted by any member of the LSE Group or their respective directors, officers, employees, partners or licensors for any errors or for any loss from use of this publication or any of the information or data contained herein.

4. No member of the LSE Group nor their respective directors, officers, employees, partners or licensors provide investment advice and you understand that nothing in this Product should be taken as constituting financial or investment advice.

5.       You shall not copy, reverse engineer, sell, license, distribute, transmit or duplicate the Services or part thereof to any third party in any form or by any means.  You agree to keep any username and/or password issued to you to access the Services confidential and shall inform us immediately you become aware that such username/password is no longer confidential.

6.       You are not allowed to a) create (whether for yourself or someone else) any financial product or service which seeks to match the performance of, or the capital or income value of which is related to, any of the Data; b) copy or store the Data other than for your own use and as may occur incidentally in the normal course of use of your browser or mobile device; c) store the Data (including pages of our website) on a server or other storage device connected to a network or create a database by systematically downloading and storing such Data; d) remove or change any content of the Data or attempt to circumvent security or interfere with the proper working of the Services or any servers on which they are hosted.  You are not allowed to make any reference to the Services or any part thereof or to any LSE Group trade marks, in any promotional or marketing materials, without our prior written consent.

7.       You must only use the Services for lawful purposes (complying with all applicable laws and regulations), in a responsible manner, and not in a way that might damage our name or reputation or that of any of our affiliates.

8.       You shall only use the Services for the purpose of reference and for no other purpose whatsoever. 


10.       You understand and acknowledge that at the end of the Term the supply of and your licence to use the Services will be terminated immediately, without further notice to you.

11.       If you breach, or we reasonably suspect that you have breached, any of the terms of this agreement, we may terminate provision of the Services immediately. 

12. Upon termination you shall, within 2 (two) working days, completely delete all electronic copies of all or any part of the Data resident on any of your IT systems or elsewhere.

13.     Save for death and personal injury caused by our negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, and any other liability which cannot be excluded by law, we shall have no liability of any kind to you in respect of the Services.  In particular, we do not accept any liability (regardless of how it might arise) for any claim or loss arising from any advice given; any investment or other decision made; or any transaction made or effected, in reliance on, or on the basis of, the Services nor for any such liability arising from any other use of, or reliance on, the Services nor shall we have any liability for the loss or corruption of any data, systems or equipment. You agree that you have sole responsibility for protecting your data during use of the Services.

14.     The Services are provided to you “as is”. You agree that use of the Services is at your own risk and cost.  It is your responsibility to confirm, to your own satisfaction, that the Services are suitable for the use (as permitted under this agreement) which you wish to make of them.

15.  LSE Group reserves the right to limit your use, remove your access, or cease provision of the Services at its sole discretion, without any liability to you. Where possible, notice shall be provided to you.

16.     No representations, conditions warranties or other terms of any kind are given in respect of the Services, and all statutory warranties and conditions are excluded to the fullest extent possible.

17.     In the event that we are found liable to you for any reason, other than death or personal injury caused by our negligence, the sums payable by us to you in respect of such liability shall not exceed £100 (one hundred pounds sterling).

18.     You will indemnify us (and our licensors) and keep indemnifying us (and our licensors) against all loss, damage and expense (including any legal and other professional expenses) incurred or suffered by us directly or indirectly arising (in whole or in part) from any use, reproduction or distribution by you (or any person authorised or permitted by you) of the Services or any part of the Services in a manner not authorised by this agreement.

19.     Each party agrees and undertakes that, both during and after the term of this agreement, it will keep confidential, will not use for its own purposes and will not without the prior written consent of the other party disclose to any third party any information concerning the Services, the existence and terms of this agreement, the business and affairs of the other which may become known to such party in connection with this agreement unless such information is public knowledge other than as a result of a breach of this paragraph, has been independently acquired from a third party without restriction on disclosure, or is required by law or any regulatory body or for the purposes of litigation by or against either party to be disclosed.

20.     The person accepting this agreement on your behalf confirms that he/she is authorised to enter into this agreement on your behalf, and to bind you to its terms and conditions.

21.     We may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. When these changes are made, we will make a new copy available at:

You understand and agree that if you use the Services after the date on which the terms and conditions have changed, we will treat your use as acceptance of such. 

22.     This agreement is governed by English law.  Both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any dispute concerning this agreement.